DATA ANALYSIS AND ACQUISITION is one of the hottest topics right now. In glue.digital we approached this field creating enqsta, a survey tool made in order to create, distribute and analyse surveys from mobile users.

Enqsta consists of two main tools. A Cloud software for creation, distribution and analysis of surveys and a mobile app to obtain results that can be operated by a pollster or fixed on a stand in a kiosk mode. It is mainly designed for hospitality sector, but it is currently used by a range of different clients, from little shops to Fortune500 clients looking for an affordable, scalable solution.

Made for Mobile and points of sale

Enqsta is made for Mobile and points of sale, to be installed at a hotel reception or in any other point of sale. Enqsta is applied where the brand experience is, so that the users could create all the data faster and better than using other systems.

As simple as a toy

It’s designed to be as simple as possible. Creating a survey online takes a few minutes, answering it just a few clicks. We created a self-explained interface, that doesn´t require any training to be used efficiently. This part of the design process was the most complicated, as the tool is powerful. The results were really interesting, in the first testing session none of the users was able to complete a survey. The second time though, they were able to create even the most complicated surveys in just minutes.

Precise as a Swiss watch

It’s a powerful analytical module which lets you collect and interpret results accurately, quickly and easily. It also has got an alert system to send messages in case of very low ratings. You can also export all the data to any major suite of data analysis, SPSS…

Technically Speaking

Enqsta is made in React for the frontend, which allows us to create a very fluid and quick experience, and in Java for the backend, using all our company stack. All the development (except some widgets of data visualization and the transactional e-mail platform) were done entirely by our team.