KFC México Website

Working with a customer like KFC is always a big responsibility, and more in Mexico, where there are more than 200 restaurants serving more than 20 million meals per year. 1 in 6 Mexicans goes once a year to eat at one of their restaurants.

Moving to Mobile First

The project had certain difficulties inherent to the design, KFC has more than 40 products, promos and combos. And all had to be available from the home section. As in many other projects Mobile was the first source of traffic, so a mobile-first strategy was a must. Optimization was also a key point, since most of our mobile users could not have great bandwidth

Mobile First Design System applied

The design had to be solid on its translation to mobile. The high rotation of products and a certain amount of intelligence in what and how to show, made us to create a specially complex design system allowing access to every product just with a swipe. Boosting product discovery and empowering mobile users.

Naturally Scalable

The result is a design system that scales in a natural way, on which we can keep growing the content without having to refactor it and in which different campaigns and actions can coexist.

Made on NodeJS

With traffic of up to 500K visits per week it is our most demanding project so far, we solved the problem with a static page generator from the CMS, a server cluster based on Docker, in addition to a CDN and Cloudflare for the peaks of users and DDOS, as a result we have that a set of modest machines can move a large number of users giving an effective uptime of 99.97% of the time. Our Devops strategy made that no SysAdmin is needed to manage the project, as almost all processes are automated