Tech Stack

Our tech stack is pretty awesome, balanced and extremely well designed. Its all done in-house and helps us in creating projects with almost zero technical debt and almost 0 legacy, so all is updated, secure, scalable and fast.


With our suite of components and expertise any web or app project can be developed, we use just 1 stack for all, allowing a small team to manage all kind of applications.

React: React is the base of all our work in front-end, we use it for websites, apps and desktop applications. We have made our own React tools, scaffold and components from scratch.

We also have our alternative builds for React Native and some other components. Most of our tools are open source, some of them have more than 15K downloads.


Our stack in back has more variety

JAVA (PLAY AND SPRING): Our Development team has extensive experience working on JAVA environments, mainly PLAY and SPRING.

REDIS, Postgre and MongoDB: Different kind of DBs are also part of our stack, we love REDIS and PostGRE.

NodeJS: Javascript has been an important part of our stack, not only on front-end. We have been working in NodeJs since 2012.

Docker/Kubernetes: We have been working with docker, dokku, Kubernetes extensively. All our projects work on some kind of dockerization system. We have our own version of Dokku, that allows docker to work as Heroku, simplifying deploys and pipelines.

GIT, CI/CD: GIT is an important part of our stack, we use GIT in the GOOD way, with the best practices available, our own LINT for JS and JAVA, unitary tests and some front-end tests too. We also make use of all the CI/CD capabilities of modern GIT environments.