Creando sabores

Creando Sabores is a Cuisine Club, a website to read, watch, create and share cooking recipes. It has a part of a blog and a part of a social network. Creando sabores is a native ads platform where brands and users can engage in a natural, consistent way.

On one hand a brand can insert its products with a new value proposition in the real cooking scenario, on the other hand the user receives a meaningful and useful content.

Fully Mobile

Creando Sabores was created for Mobile, based on Foundation. All the design works perfectly on mobile browsers which was a huge challenge considering the fact that it’s a complex application. We thought especially about tablet users.

User generated content as the center of interaction

Creando sabores allows the users to create their own recipes. We set up a natural language form in order to make the creation of recipies easier and more visual. This is the most complicated part because we rely on user generated content as the center of interaction between brands and users.

Fully Social

Creando sabores is fully social though it is not intended to be a social network, as this space is hard to achieve. However, most of the content can be created, favourited, shared and commented, so we can create a social space where users can interact.

Technically Speaking

Technically speaking Creando sabores is one of our most complicated projects, It relays on a DOKKU, NGINX, Node.js and Keystone to create all the backend, we also created a powerful set of APIs, and a search module based on Elastic Search. The front-end is based on Foundation. We also installed a CDN to provide us with a good image performance.


    Creando sabores is our most awarded project.
  • Bronce Laus, Website Design 2015.
  • Honorable Mention Awwwards. April 2015.
  • Nominated for Best Communication Award. German Design Council, 2016.