Hearthy App

Hearthy is a mobile health system, aimed to give reliable, universal and affordable healthcare. Composed of an app and a medical webapp, Hearthy is a complete M-Health solution focused on helping people to live healthier and longer.

- Chat and videochat with physicians. - Electronic Health Records based on HL7 - 2 types of different medical visits which cover the most common use cases. - A medication adherence solution - An in-app payment service

Chat and Videochat with doctors

Video and chat visits allow the physicians and health consultants to provide focused care, without the patient having to leave home. With video they can look, listen, and engage with patients to diagnose issues and provide an effective treatment plan. Patients and physicians can also share documents, archives and photos.

Electronic Health Records based on HL-7

Patients and physicians can also access their medical records, treatments, medications, past issues, allergies... The system is based on HL7 so it is inter-operable with most of the health systems worldwide, just with short adaptation. The systems are compliant with the European Data Protection Law.

Medication Reminder

The app has a medication tracking system for the control of treatment and dropout prevention. It alerts the patients (or caregivers) when they have to take the next dose, sending a notification to the user. The physicians who prescribed the drug can also have access to this information, so they can notify the patient via chat or video.

In-app payments

The app can be configured in a pay-as-you-go option, allowing in-app payments via credit card, paypal, dragonpay and smartmoney. All the transactions are secured.

Health Analytics

Hearthy has a management and analytical module which allows tracking variables such as clinical conditions, medication, spread of diseases, medical staff productivity... The dashboards are custom made, so different configurations for different admistrative roles can be created. All the data could be reused by health agencies and analysis companies.


Medipremium is the first digital health insurance company in Spain, part of the FIATC group, one of the top insurance companies in Spain. We created a White Label app for them, using our technology and expertise. Medipremium trusted us as a digital insurance company and we created the whole system for them, including the support and the evolutionary development.