Why work at Glue Digital?

Glue is an atipycal company, for many reasons, but our main objective is to be a team-centered company, with the intention of getting the best out of each one and helping everyone to take out their maximum potential. This is the essence of Glue, is a statement of interests and is part of the design of the company, which causes that as small we can help business titans in their processes of digital transformation.

Work from wherever you want and how you want

After the months of onboarding, Glue offers you the possibility of working remotely, in almost all its positions. Choose a Coworking, take a team and take it with you!

Gets the best of you!

The culture of the project is based on making the best of each one, focusing on the quality of work, productivity and empathy. Glue is not a 996 company, we respect personal life and we try to create an environment in which you can fully develop without dedicating long hours.

We do not believe in exhausted equipment, but if in productive and effective equipment.

Work with the best

Both the Glue nuclear team and many of our customers, are true experts in their respective fields; in addition to brilliant designers and developers, at Glue you will work with some of the greatest experts in AI, Conversational Interfaces, Data Visualization, Blockchain, etc.

Not only do we work with some of the biggest companies in the world, if not, we often do it with their best equipment.

Product and more product

Another central point of working here is to focus on getting good products, in Glue you will make digital products that use millions of people every day, as well as others that help companies generate more impact and grow.

Making products every day more perfect is also in our DNA as a team.

Grow with us

In Glue you will find a place where you can practice your entire professional cycle; from trainee to Senior, naturally and without barriers, so that we can grow together.

Both responsibilities and considerations grow often, with which, in Glue we adapt to the growth of all.

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