Full stack developer

The novelties of ES2018 have no secrets for you, and have you used them both in front in your React components, as in back for access to a database?
Vigo / Remote
Full time

Are you passionate about debating how to improve TTFB, or manage bundles in an HTTP2 context? Are you looking forward to using the latest CSS4 news?

Is this offer for you? Send us your CV to [email protected]


  • You will write, review and maintain code mainly in JavaScript (ES6), JAVA and some PHP.
  • You will work with the design team to build new products.
  • You will document the systems you help build.

What we offer?

  • Competitive salary + Incentives + Shares of the startups that we help build.
  • Possibility of remote work after the initial 6 months, now everyone works remotely from coworkings, from different locations. But we allow work from home in special circumstances.
  • Optional medical insurance
  • Possibility of attending international events 4YFN, MWC Americas, Rise ...
  • Good work environment, good tools, little technical debt and interesting projects.
  • You will work with good designers, architects, developers and project managers, in some of the best projects of some of the largest companies in the world.
  • You will work on some of the most interesting technological topics (Big and Small, Data, PWAs, DLTs, Docker and Kubernetes Orchestrations, crypto ...)
  • Glue Digital is a naturally inclusive company, we like diverse talent and we support diversity in (almost) all its forms. We try to make it a place where everyone is the way they want to be and where they become the best version of unx mismx.


  • At least 1 year of experience developing web applications.
  • Experience with JavaScript and front-end client libraries (React + Redux is preferred), although anyone with expertise in ES6 is worth it.
  • Some experience with Laravel framework.
  • Experience working with GIT, version control, testing and Lints, as well as other code analysis tools.
  • Knowledge of dockerization and orchestration with Kubernetes will be valued.
  • It will be valued as an important PLUS interest for: DLT, NLP and conversational interfaces.
  • We will also value good attitude towards work and good treatment. The most important thing in Glue is the team, keeping it healthy and balanced is a daily job that you will also be part of.