Lista Robinson

Along with Adigital and the AEPD (Spain Data Protection Agency), we completely reworked the Robinson List, turning it into a set of APIs, increasing its security and reliability for all its actors. Robinson List is an Adigital’s project, a marketing exclusion list where consumers get registered in order to avoid calls and emails and every marketing company has to check it prior to start any marketing campaign.

Nowadays Robinson List is one of the most relevant and scalable cryptography projects in Spain. By using a Zero-knowledge proof system, marketing companies never access user's personal data. They just check hashes, numerical cryptographic identifiers based on a user data covering. After a mathematical process, a ''yes/no'' is returned, preserving all user's personal data anonymicing them securely. It just shows if a user is present in Robinson List.

Likewise every query generates a log, a record in database related to that query, providing legal evidence to prove that a company fulfils the law. That protects both user and company.

Mounted on a serverless architecture along with Docker, that is one of our most relevant and scalable projects in Spain.

With almost one million registered users and about 1.5M of daily queries.

With this project we managed to create the most advanced Robinson List in Europe, guaranteeing citizens, companies and institutions a balanced, reliable and robust environment.