Our friends at Pangea asked us to help them with the Unleash Website. Unleash is the most important young event done in Spain and we tried to create the best website done for an event in Spain.

Powered by React

Unleash is a perfect compendium on what a well-done React projet should be. Universal Rendering, Parallax effects, videos, menus, sliders, forms, all mixed with Flex to provide a great experience... We use our own React Toolbox, Universal Scripts to scaffold the project, creating a beautiful site.

When design is unleashed

Pangea gave us total freedom on the making of this project, so we created something very special. As a result the design is clearly influenced by seapunk and vaporwave ideas, trying to mix it with a clear navigation and a meaningful experience.

In this project we were able experiment with some other design trends, surpassing Flat Design and trying to get to new places, as part of our journey.

Gitlab as CMS

Unleash is a great event, updates are common, almost diary. But we don’t like CMSs, most of them are just rubbish, so we created a CMS inside Gitlab. All contents can be updated just by changing a text file. So an editor without coding knowledge can manage the site.

Made with Flex

Unleash is a mobile first project and Flex killer tool. Any Front Dev should use it. In this project we used Flex to make all the contents shine on all the devices. Making a more robust piece of software.