Medipremium is a Spanish digital health plan, the first of its kind. It offers coverages, discounts on medical services and 24/7 chat with doctors as its main feature. Together we created their app basing on Hearthy. Medipremium was the first mobile telemedicine project released for the Spanish market.

First of its kind

The Medipremium app is the first scalable commercial project related to mobile telehealth deployed in Spain. We were before other huge companies like BUPPA or Allianz, with better technology and no technical debt. In only six months Medipremium became the biggest (in terms of users) mobile telehealth app on the Spanish market.

Quick interactions

One of the main charateristics of the project is that it goes directly to the point. Contacting the physician online takes only 2 clicks: one to open the app, and another to select the physician. Normally you get the first response in less than 2 minutes. All the design process was made for that, to allow the users to access the core value of the service in the minimum time possible.

Chat with doctors 24/7

Medipremium allows the users to chat with different physicians and specialists in real time 24/7. It also allows the patients to share files and to access a small EHR, so they can have all their prescriptions, allergies, symptoms and conditions in one place.

Doctors webapp

For the physicians we also created a webapp which is very easy to use. Based on react as well, the app is designed to boost doctors’ productivity.

We believe in simplicity when talking about digital products.

A Health plan in your phone

You can access all the services of the health plan on your phone. Besides, it doesn’t require a health plan card, as it is integrated in the app. You can also search for physicians nearby and for all the available medical services that the health plan offers. You can connect with the health plan support team for administrative tasks.

Health Analytics

Medipremium has got all the data anonymised. It also disposes of some custom dashboards made to monitor doctors’ productivity, app performance and response time. All to ensure that the quality of the core values of the app is delivered correctly.