Ebay Social, content at it’s finest

We have been working with eBay for some time in a content project that is its main marketing project in LATAM, the center of the project is a blog, created on Wordpress but broadly modified, which is itself a sales Hub, as well as a beatiful and significant experience of the users.

Creating a content-based sales funnel

This blog divides the traffic into 10 different verticals of products, creating tags for users and then making personalized offers based on complex rules. In turn serves as a bridge to a complex system of retargeting that uses both programmatic and social.

Creating high-quality content we also start a complete sales funnel that match the perfect product with the perfect buyer. Reducing the exposure of users to low quality ads.

A mobile first content platform

As a mobile first project design is pretty well optimized, its also perfectly aligned with the latest eBay style Playbook, being the first project globally following the new style guide.

When Wordpress don’t suck

Wordpress is not our favourite platform, unless you make a blog. For this project we created custom made plugins to control offers, create quizzes and control color swatches. Every plugin is custom-made, assuring security and continuity of the stack

Tons of Good Content

with more than 600 articles and 20 editors is our biggest content platform so far. Creating one of the most scalated and well-crafted content project on Spanish Language, and making a content platform that actually works for the brand and the user.